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Roll rubber sheet veneer line

CLF-1300 rubber sheet veneer

This machine is a rolling coating white latex equipment, the glue rolling on the surface of the plate; This machine can be used in MDF board, flower board, particle board, calcium silicate board, glas


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Performance Characteristics
  • The whole line is equipped with ground roll table, side feeding table, lifting platform, conveyor, large plate flat line, automatic cutting machine, cutting machine, the whole line can realize non-stop feeding, saving time.
  • The whole line can be operated by 1-2 people, saving a lot of labor.
  • The whole set of electrical equipment adopts Schneider and Chint brands, the cylinder adopts ADalco, and the PLC, inverter and touch screen adopt Delta brand.
  • All connected devices can be linked, the single machine can control the front and back sections of equipment emergency stop, and there is a security alarm device.


Technical Parameters
Maximum width of sheet 1300mm
Line speed 0—25m/min
Production line direction From right to left
Table height 900mm±50
Overall dimension 35000×2620×4200mm
  Gross power About 80kw.
  Gross weight About 13 tons.