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Line side composite machine

Stable and efficient, automatic feeding

The machine is composed of two parts: splicing machine and automatic feeding machine, and this machine will two wood lines or similar materials coated with hot melt adhesive EVA or PUR and press to sy


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Performance Characteristics
  • 1. The pusher can be installed in different positions according to the length of the workpiece, and all processes are automatic and controlled by the machine panel.
  • 2. The hot glue coating head of the side line is equipped with a line tray with manual height adjustment for automatic feeding. The rubber wheel is attached with a pressure zone, and has an independent electronic speed control to synchronize the main line and side line.
  • 3. Continuous glue machine saving glue: to avoid the waste of rubber in the rubber hose and rubber bucket residues when changing glue, saving about 1 kg of PUR glue each time; Continuous production; The coating machine does not need to stop during the rubber changing process, and can be continuously glued and supplied for continuous production lines; Rubber pump protection; When the temperature of the heating disc is lower than the lower limit, the motor cannot start. Overtemperature alarm: when the temperature of the heating part exceeds the upper limit, the indicator lamp will alarm. Low glue level alarm: When the amount of glue in the glue bucket will be exhausted, the indicator light will alarm.


Technical Parameters
Gross power 13.6 kw 
Gross weight 3 tons
Overall dimension 9990×1150×1170mm 
Production rate 0—30m/min 
Working width (main line bar) 30—200mm 
Working thickness (main line bar) 8—40mm
Working width 15—75mm
Working thickness   3—10mm