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Line coating machine


Fast, accurate and stable transformation

This machine is the fourth generation of our company's coating machine series products, the national use of new patents, similar products in the international leading technology; Widely used, suitable


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Performance Characteristics
  • 1. The machine uses PUR reaction type hot melt adhesive, the production speed is fast, the fastest 65 meters per minute; Solvent resistance, good weather resistance, the material does not open at -40~140° temperature; The amount of glue coating is controlled by PLC, which is accurate and saves glue.
  • 2. The machine can quickly and stably change the mold through the linear guide rail side movement to achieve rapid product switching, each switching about 5 minutes, this rapid change of structure, good stability, saving time, and saving space, 3 years to the market has won high praise from customers; The machine is equipped with standard one-way feeding device, which can be convenient for fast feeding, equipped with mobile advance and retreat handle, easy to adjust the machine; You can also choose continuous glue machine, automatic film, brush dust removal, affinity device, PVC film corona machine, side and side moving device, protective film device.


Technical Parameters
Gross power 18.7 kw
Coating width 15-350mm
Coating height

125mm(height can be customized)

(can be customized to increase)

Coating speed 3-65m/min
Overall dimension 5660×1200×1800mm